Google Mum Algorithm Update

Will Google Mum Algorithm Update Kill SEO?

Google is known across the world for being the best search engine but in the world of digital marketing, Google is better known for the algorithm it keeps.

Google is the most prominent search engine but gaining such a position and retaining it is not an easy task. Google updates its algorithm time and again to keep outpace its peers and all those marketers who simply want to market their products blindly and without considering the needs of their customers.

BERT was the last major update that Google released in 2019. This update was an algorithm update powered by NLP that empowered Google to not only understand the meaning of each word in a sentence and their synonyms but to comprehend the sentence as a whole and highlight only the right answers.

This latest update that we would talk about goes by the name MUM. This new Google update is a successor of BERT and a step forward to understand the users’ queries powered by NLP.

What is the MUM Update of Google?

The MUM update was launched in May 2021 and expands to Multitask Unified Model. This new update aims to strengthen the search engine in ways more than one and might also impact the SEO industry in the future.

How Will the Google MUM Update Help The Users’ in Their Search?

The main aim of Google’s recent update is to remove the hassles of typing many queries for the answer you are looking for. With MUM Google focuses on easing its tasks to tackle complicated queries.

Looking at a Practical Example

Prabhakar Raghavan, Senior Vice President of Google, who is responsible for Google Search, Assistant, Payment, and more, explained the power of Google via an effective example. In his example, he cites the search where a user, who has already scaled Mt. Adams is now preparing to climb Mt. Fuji in the next fall and asks about how he should prepare himself for the same.

Though this is a relatively tough query, which an expert mountaineer can perhaps answer, with the cutting-edge technology that Google’s MUM update empowers Google with, the search engine can compare all the variables like the time of the year, weather conditions, elevation, type of gear and more, and answer effectively. It will perhaps answer like, “Mt. Fuji is roughly the same elevation as Mt. Adams, but fall is the rainy season for Mt. Fuji so you might need a waterproof jacket”.

MUM Key Highlights:

  • MUM comes trained in 75 different languages that will shatter language barriers.
  • The update will instantly translate any content in any language and respond to you with the best searches.
  • MUM comes skilled in multitasking and can perform several tasks at the same time.
  • MUM effectively filters the search results based on your query.
  • MUM is multimodal in nature.

Why is a MUM a Step Forward to Kill SEO Practices Around the World?

Keywords have always been central for Google to answer the queries of any given user, but these keywords are also used by SEO practitioners and digital marketers around the world to prioritize their results. Therefore, they have also been proven to mislead the users time and again. However, with the new MUM update from Google, keywords would matter less.

BERT, which is driven by Natural Language Processing (NLP) has already started changing the SEO practices around the globe and MUM takes a step further to make it tough for the web pages to rank on the basis of keywords.

BERT updated the Google Search engine to look for the information that is only relevant to the particular search and display the same whether or not the keywords are there on the article. MUM is also modeled on NLP so that the search engine would understand the meaning of content regardless of the language, weigh it with the query and display appropriate results. Though the keywords would still be there in the queries of the users, the results cannot be optimized with the help of the same.

Drawing to a Close

Google’s MUM update is multilingual, multitasking, and multimodal in nature, which empowers the search engine giant with the ability to identify the search intent before weighing the search query. MUM, being a multimodal algorithm update for Google, also marks the attainment of a huge milestone not only for Google but also for humankind because it will summon the era of artificial general intelligence with only artificial superintelligence to reach.