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5 Tips to Increase your Organic CTR in 2021

CTR or click-through rate is an important metric of SEO and it is always good if your posts or advertisements have a good CTR. This rate matters a lot while engaging in SEO and digital marketing practices. Therefore, you should always monitor the CTR of the campaigns you engage in regularly to keep an update […]

Google Mum Algorithm Update

Will Google Mum Algorithm Update Kill SEO?

Google is known across the world for being the best search engine but in the world of digital marketing, Google is better known for the algorithm it keeps. Google is the most prominent search engine but gaining such a position and retaining it is not an easy task. Google updates its algorithm time and again […]

How Digital Marketing can Improve your Business Online?

How Digital Marketing can Improve your Business Online?

Marketing is important for your brand. Effective branding and marketing are the stepping stones for any company. Though the markets for each product and the niche markets of its subsets might be different, digital marketing is always a constant. Marketing earlier was all about getting the highest visibility and physical labor and hard work to […]

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